The novelty of the International Haute Horlogerie fair is precisely focused on this kind of replica watches

Who can have everything, very often wants to have it right away. Based on this assumption, Louis Ferla, leading replica Vacheron Constantin since April 2017, has traced the new strategy of the house. A road that passes through the evolution of the Les Cabinotiers department - the atelier historically dedicated to the creation of unique pieces on order - which takes its name from the laboratories where in the eighteenth century, during the age of Enlightenment, the most experienced replica watches makers put test your talent by producing complicated and replica watches extraordinary commissioned replica watches.

"There are watches that take years of development," says Ferla. «And some of our most important customers had given us very clear feedback in this regard: they wanted a unique piece of replica Vacheron Constantin, made by combining technique and craftsmanship, but they were absolutely not willing to wait two or three years. So we started to develop micro-collections that would gather the maximum of our know-how, under the hat of Les Cabinotiers ».

The novelties of the International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition have focused precisely on this kind of replica watches, as demonstrated by the Les Cabinotiers model, minute repeater with tourbillon and perpetual calendar. A two-sided timepiece: on the front, on the 44.5 mm rose gold case (rigorously polished by hand), in addition to the hours and minutes indication selling replica IWC watches, it is possible to admire the tourbillon and part of the mechanical manufacture movement, while the caseback side are present all the indications of the perpetual calendar.

In the photo: the replica Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers replica watch, minute repeater with tourbillon and perpetual calendar. Price on request.