I believe for very traditional products like replica watches

There is one thing that not everyone knows about the rumored alleged love story between Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron: the image that portrays them together used by almost all the magazines is that of the replica Breitling Cinema Squad. Before the pink press put them together, in fact, to join them - together with Adam Driver - in the team of ambassadors linked to the world of cinema, Georges Kern, CEO of the Swiss brand fake watches, had thought of it.

«I believe that a team has more strength than a single individual. Our society is moving more and more in this direction: people are more attentive to the environment, quality and diversity. Young people are making this important change and, unlike my generation replica watches, they have more respect for the world and the concept of team tells all this ».

Young, cool and fresh are the adjectives he often uses to describe replica Breitling: how do you plan to conquer even the youngest? «A replica watch is a dream, and like all luxury products it is a lifestyle and I think it can be very suitable for turning to Millennials. In this sense, there are brands such as Gucci that have exploded with young people and I believe this is also possible for a very traditional product such as a watch, whose technology has not substantially changed over the centuries. The important thing is how you contextualize the product, storytelling, partnerships, etc ... It's a matter of personality: just look, for example, at the loft and industrial style of our boutiques, very different from replica watches what other brands do, who have a much more conservative approach. I think everything that surrounds replica Breitling must be digital, cool and relaxed ».

«The beauty of replica Breitling is its ability to offer unique products with different styles. People don't buy a single product as much as a brand, and our goal is to allow them to buy different models for different occasions: the Premier for the more formal ones, or a diver or a pilot for free time, etc. To remain faithful to a brand it is not enough to understand its DNA, you need to have the opportunity to buy different things: a balanced offer is our great strength ».

In recent months, the fashion house has officially joined the Haute Horlogerie Foundation: why? «First of all I have an emotional connection with the Foundation, created by Franco Cologni who, in my previous life, for many years was a true mentor. In addition, the goal of the Foundation is to increase awareness of craftsmanship and the manufacturing aspects behind the creation of a fake watch and I believe that, in a digital age, these aspects are increasingly important. Especially the human touch, which is an integral part of the creative process, is what manages to convey emotions and to represent an important sales topic. Knowing what time it is, it is a commodity, but time is an emotion and the Foundation promotes replica omega watches this concept through educational aspects, talking about the investments that we also make on the youngest and this is why I consider it important to be part of it ».

What is the sign you want to leave in replica watches making history? «I have worked in different brands and have been involved in the launch of different products, and I hope everyone will always be successful. My dream, one day, is to be able to talk about all those products as successful and I want to replica watches leave a mark in promoting sustainability ».